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We are America’s leading digital marketing company specifically focused on building websites, logos, and marketing solutions for electrical contractors.  Electrician Marketing Co knows what it takes to make your website the #1 salesperson in your company.

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Welcome to Electrician Marketing Co. We understand how challenging marketing your electrical business can be. Working with various electricians, both big and small, we have pinpointed which strategies work and which don’t for electricians.

With our comprehensive electrician marketing system, we use internet marketing to help you attract, capture and engage more restoration jobs while tracking your return on investment. Let us take care of your internet marketing so that you can focus on what you do best.

Services We Offer

Everything Your Electrician Business Needs in One Website Design Program

Website Design

We design beautiful websites designed for lead generation.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps you get in front of your target customers on Google.

Website Content

Our website content is SEO optimized to rank on Google.

Hear From Our Clients!
Estevez Electric had no online visibility and since working with us has grown his company by 40% since he began working with Electrician Marketing Co. With our Local SEO & Google Maps marketing strategy, he is currently generating 60-80 exclusive new leads every month and plans to buy another work truck in the next couple months.

Estevez Electric
Electrician Marketing Co

Why Choose

Electrician Marketing Co?

Niche Specific

Our processes and solutions are tailor-made for your unique challenges and problems as an electrician.


We proudly have more than 10 years of digital marketing experience and work exclusively with electrical contractors.

Honest & Transparent

We will be honest and transparent with you from the beginning on everything that is going on with your marketing campaign.

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Take Your Electrician Company

To The Next Level!

Electrician Marketing Co is a company that offers internet marketing to only electrician companies. Electrician Marketing Co works closely with electrician business owners by providing them high-quality web design services for profit-generating sites while also focusing on building up brand awareness among the clients they serve using digital marketing campaigns such as SEO, Web Design, and Paid Ads. 

Electrician Marketing Co proudly offers a creative approach to digital marketing by engaging in an all-inclusive strategy. From the awareness stage, through the consideration and conversion stages, we have you covered.

Patrick Q.

Owner of Electrician Marketing Co


Got a question? We’re here to help

What Companies Do You Work With?

We only work with electrician contractors. We know the ins and outs of the industry.

What Services Does Electrician Marketing Co Offer?

We are your go-to, full-service web design agency. Our agency offers web design, web hosting, web maintenance, Local SEO, and Google Ads. 

How Does The Website Design Process Work?

Our approach to website design is a joint venture. It commences with grasping your vision, followed by our team formulating a tailored strategy. Throughout the journey from ideation to the website going live, we prioritize transparency and active client participation at every juncture. 

How Long Does A Website Design Take?

The timeline for completion depends on the project’s intricacy. We emphasize quality and efficacy, guaranteeing that your website not only meets but surpasses expectations within a reasonable timeframe. In practical terms, we aim to complete it within 3-4 weeks. 

How Do You Ensure My Website Is Optimized For Google Search Engine?

Our process is deeply rooted in optimizing for search engines. Through strategic keyword placement and responsive design, we implement best practices to elevate your website’s ranking and attract the ideal audience.

How Do I Get Started With Electrician Marketing Co?

Initiating the process is simple! Reach out to us to arrange an initial consultation. During this meeting, we’ll delve into your objectives, map out a plan, and commence the journey together towards revolutionizing your business. 

We offer exclusivity to ONLY ONE electrician company in each region!

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