About us

Our Electrician Marketing System Is Designed To Help Electrical Contractors Streamline Their
Marketing, Get More Electrician Leads, And Increase Revenue For Your Electrician Business.

You're A Electrician Contractor And You Want To Get More Electrician Projects Online...

...You've Tried Doing SEO On Your Own Or Hired A Generalist Marketing Agency, But It Hasn't Worked For You.

Imagine having an experienced team of SEO & Internet Marketers who specialize in marketing concrete, working hard every day to bring new concrete leads into your business. They know exactly what they are doing, so there is no guesswork involved. And since they have been in the industry for years, they understand how to market electrician contractors like yourself.

Electrician Marketing Co offers a complete Electrician Marketing Plan for electrician contractors that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, and Website Design & Development services that will help grow your electrician business online!

Pat Quiroz

CEO & Head of Strategy

Electrician Marketing Co was founded in 2020 by top-rated Digital Marketer, Pat Quiroz. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s in Marketing. As a faith-driven and passionate marketer, he strives to deliver the best possible work for every one of his clients with complete transparency.

Pat used to operate a general digital marketing agency but after working with numerous Electricians and finding great success in the industry he decided to branch off and just focus on electricians to be able to provide them with proven marketing strategies that get results.

Pat Quiroz has a Youtube channel with over 10,000 subscribers showing off his wealth of knowledge in Local SEO and Digital Marketing. His goal is to help 200 electrician contractors double their leads by 2023.

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