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Top 51 SEO Keywords For Electricians in 2024

Top 51 SEO Keywords For Electricians in 2024

Best SEO Keywords For Electricians in 2024

There is no getting around it, any SEO campaign you run for your electric company, whether brilliantly executed or not will depend on the keywords that have been chosen. If those are picked wisely and used properly over time then more organic traffic from Google can be expected as well- but there’s always room to improve! Did you know there were almost 500 thousand US-based online searches about “electricians” last year alone?

Choosing The Best Keywords For Electricians

To find the best keywords for an electrician SEO campaign, it’s important to consider both average monthly search volume and how difficult that keyword is.

How To Use These SEO Keywords?

You can use these electrician-related phrases on your home page, services pages, and when writing blogs. This will allow your website to rank higher on search engines like Google for your target keywords. If you are an electrician then you probably want to focus on “Local Searches” so make sure to add your city to any general keywords.

For example “Electrician Dallas”.

You will want to use these keywords in the following areas of your on-page SEO:

  • Header 1, 2, & 3
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image Alt-Texts
  • Internal Linking
  • 2-3% of your total word count per page

Utilizing the Top SEO Keywords for Electricians

The number one way to rank well when it comes time for the top SEO keywords in your industry is by following seven key components.

1) Mobile Friendly Website – Ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and fast. This helps users who may be accessing the site on their phones or tablets as well, so make sure that everything loads quickly!

2) Secure – Don’t forget about SSL certificates for a more protected browsing experience for visitors.

3) On-Page SEO – Optimizing your website’s content, title tags, and headings for search engines can help to make sure that more people are able to find you online in your local area.

4) Google My Business – Claim and optimize your Google My Business Profile to capture those local searches such as “Electrician Near Me” or “Electrical Repair Near Me”.

5) Business Directories – Make sure to claim local business directories and keep your NAP (Name, address, Phone Number) consistent throughout each website.

6) Blog Frequently – Create blogs around the services you can provide to increase the relevancy of your website.

7) Create Google My Business Post – Post weekly Google My Business posts and offers about your services to keep your profile up to date and help increase your local visibility.

Utilizing SEO Keywords For Electricians in Your Local SEO Strategy

The process of ranking your website as the #1 search result in a given area involves many key components and executing those strategies correctly each time can seem impossible. As small business owners, we understand that our sites need to be optimized with SEO (search engine optimization) but here are three main factors you should consider first:

Local SEO

Your website needs to be optimized for local searches. Local SEO helps you get ahead in the competition by targeting customers searching within a specific geographic location, which is important because 33% of all clicks go straight to the top 3 search results on page 1 on Google. This is what we specialize here at Electrician Marketing Co to help all of our clients appear in top search results on Google Maps and Organic.

On-Page SEO

We have a big part of our SEO services for electricians that center around on-page optimization. This means optimizing each page in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines, which includes ranking you higher when people type “electrician near me” or something similar into Google’s Search Bar. It is important to optimize your SEO strategy around keywords your customers are searching for.

Off-Page SEO

Have you ever noticed that when searching for your company in one location versus another, depending on where the user is located geographically will determine how high up they rank? That’s right; it all comes down to a thing called domain rating. A strong website with organic traffic growth can easily achieve higher rankings than someone who has just started out or hasn’t built any links yet since their site needs time and effort before becoming established enough online so people start linking back towards yours instead of against them!

Our off-page SEO services for electrician companies will help boost this number by building high-quality links directed towards your website.

About Electrician Marketing Co

Electrician Marketing Co is a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with electrical contractors to help them generate leads through internet marketing strategies. We specialize in Website DesignLocal SEO for electricians, and Google Ads for electricians all across the United States. Get in touch with us today for a free strategy session with one of our expert electrician marketers.

Here are the Top SEO Keywords for electricians in the U.S courtesy of the Google Keyword Planner

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